Film Clip: Capitalism 101

From the new film, Assault on Wall Street, via philosophers-stone.

I have no desire to see this new movie, which from the title and reviews, looks like a revenge fantasy. We don’t need to fan the fires of revenge. We do we need to wake up, hold ourselves and others accountable, and simplify our lives to the point where, at least in part, we join the world that lives beneath money. Like this woman did, and does. And, inside the world of money, to work with it differently, much differently, changing its form and function. See Sacred Economics. It’s either that, or we’re all cooked, even the money-changers in the temples of doom. Economist Juliet Schor:

“As the world hurtles toward an ecological precipice of unfathomable dimensions, the main economic conversation has been about how to get us there faster.”

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