Bill Hicks on the JFK Assasination

“Comedian” Bill Hicks died in 1994, nearly 20 years ago, when the Kennedy assasination was not even 30 years old — a “Saturn Return” for our collective PTSD, the “shock and awe” of that fateful day.

Now we’ve reached the 50-year mark, and with it, the first return of Chiron to the degree it occupied at the assasination: 9-10° Pisces. Is this meaningful?

Chiron signifies the wounded healer, both the wound and the healing of the wound. As with all first returns of planets to their own natal places (in this case, we’re seeing Chiron as a planet), its entire energy field, after one full cycle, can finally be consciously incorporated. I.e., we will be able to see the full picture. Not necessarily exactly what took place, perhaps, but that what we saw took place was the enactment of a ritual murder by shadowy forces.

Will we finally begin to heal from the trauma?

Not until we recognize that we are, and have been, consistently lied to.

Not until we wake up and take back our sovereignty, as individuals, and as truly human beings.

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