Climate Change? Or Climate Catastrophe plus Collective Climate Arousal.

Last Sunday afternoon, I spent the better part of three hours with the radio tuned to the National Weather Service. The day felt unseasonably warm and humid, with a weird, gentle, vaguely “rotational” wind. Once, a great darkening, with fierce roaring wind and downpour that lasted less than five minutes. Meanwhile, the weird shrieking splat of the tornado alert off and on, plus a single 15 minute bout of actual tornado warning in Bloomington, an up and down wail that always reminds me of what people must have gone through in Dresden, and London, during World War II.

I can’t remember what I heard about the actual number of Indiana tornadoes north, south, west, east of here. 21? 27? None of them came through Bloomington. Though the large “extremely dangerous” one they announced near Bedford (1/2 hour south) did turn out to be an EF 4 (out of 5). Here’s a photo of one near Kokomo (two hours north).

1469842_10152070012534289_1969337072_nGiven that my house has a basement, I wasn’t all that “worried,” though my body did feel uneasy the entire afternoon.

Meanwhile, this morning, another chemtrail drenched sky, which some link to Climate Change. Indeed, this morning’s air felt so thick and hazy that I sensed a vaguely acrid constriction in my lungs and throat during my usual walk with puppy Shadow.

A few shots from this morning. The ENTIRE SKY was covered.






The next three shots were taken about 20 minutes after those above. The sky hadn’t changed, except that the chemtrails had spread out more, dripping. Once in a while, I could spot a plane making a new chemtrail throughout the walk.




Still think they’re just contrails?

Meanwhile, though most politicians ignore Climate Change — Bernie Sanders is an exception, says he may have to run for President, in part, to address this issue which, of course, dwarfs all others — most actual people in the U.S. do recognize the reality of Climate Change.

1425675_599463326786982_816134796_nIf ever there was a time to activate ourselves, it is now. Thank goodness for all those who are heeding Occupy’s successor, #www, our collective call for three months of millions of actions to transform the entire (fossil fuel/debt-fueled) paradigm under which we have been (barely) living.

As one of our magnificent progenitors, Doris Lessing said: “Whatever you are meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”

I few weeks ago I posted a video by the famously wooden Al Gore, rousing the troops. Here’s another one. It starts with the Berlin Wall. Which did come down. Remember? WE, THE PEOPLE, clawed at it with our fingers, struck it with our crowbars, brick by brick, by brick, until it gave way. Totally unexpected, unpredictable.

Let us prepare for self-organized, open-sourced MIRACLES.

Via upworthy.

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  1. laurabruno says:

    I agree we need to heal the Earth and I daily do my part in that on many different levels. Don’t forget weather warfare, though. … SOME climate change has certainly been aggravated along at convenient times for certain, ahem, agendas …

    • YEAH. I do wonder about Haiyan, and have a feeling it was designed, and served the purposes of Empire getting a military foothold in that country for a drone base. Need to do the homework on that before posting, however.

      • laurabruno says:

        It’s even bigger than the drone base, but that is certainly part of the picture. The Philippines provided “the perfect storm” for a lot of dovetailing agendas including 21. Never let a crisis to to waste. May their plans show up like X-rays and may the liars and thrives and psychopaths be caught by poetic justice.

      • laurabruno says:

        Ugh, sorry about the iPhone typos! Thrives=thieves. Go to waste, not to to waste. Autocorrect should correct itself to “autowrong”!

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