POEM: “I give myself back/ To the wind.”

imgres-3This astonishing poem articulates, for me, the hush of the present moment, as I breathe into these end times of awe and wonder, as I pay attention to this day’s “threat” of impending In-Diana thunderstorm.

Eerie. A sense of swirling into impending catastrophe. Of the layered structures of civilization crumbling; of the ego, that “identity” programmed through seven decades into layered rigidity, dissolving, “on an atomic level.”

Yes. I too, give myself back, to the wind.

Thank you, Janet Phelan.

(I am so sorry, I tried a number of times, but wordpress would not hold the spacing between the lines. So I inserted place markers instead. Here is the original.)


November 14, 2013

by Janet Phelan



This year

I abandon the future

It took me this long

To figure out

It no longer exists


I bury the package of seeds

Chard, cherry tomatoes, parsley

In the drawer behind

The pictures of my past

Parents, friends, weddings and birthdays

Parties on boats and expensive hotels

Evaporate as if printed on invisible paper


All lines merge on this point

This particular and irrevocable now


This place where I reside is a parenthesis

It brackets what no longer exists

And what will never come to be


And is beginning itself

To break down

On an atomic level


The adobe walls melt at my touch

The roof is leaking twilight

And the wind clatters through the eaves

Knocking off tiles and wooden beams


It has been raining for as long as I can remember

The roads in are washed out

And the mountain is half submerged


It is almost the hour


Something has been out there for a very long time

Ten years ago, on the edge of the half life of a sleeping continent

I first heard it

Ricochet through the rooms of my drowning


I now hear nothing else


I made preparations

Whatever has been left undone

Will only increase the burden now


I hoist the pack onto my shoulder

As the walls dissolve around me


And I give myself back

To the wind

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