Is the Federal Reserve God? No. There are lotsa gods. Or there could be.


But what kinds of gods are best? I have no idea. I’ve been featuring both the philosophical/practical/paradigm shifting ideas of Charles Eisenstein (gift economy) and that of people’s economist Ellen Brown, who advocates for public banks in the U.S. on a state or local level. Here’s Ellen again, on Costa Rica.

Public Banking in Costa Rica: A Remarkable Little Known Model

And here’s yet another idea, “free banks,” privately owned, competing with one another. I tend to prefer both Charles Eisenstein’s and Ellen Brown’s ideas and attitude, maybe because I’m so disgusted with how capitalist competition tends to morph into greed and one-upmanship. (Remember how cut-throat you got playing Monopoly as a kid? Or as an adult, for that matter? I sure do.)

But what do I know about the financial world? Not much.

I do know that the way energy (including abut not limited to money, goods and services) circulates through the world is key to our resilience as a human civilization. That break-up of stuck energy concentrations increases flow. That the more exchanges between and among us, the better. That at this point casino capitalism has moved into winner-take-all end-game. That something drastic needs to change.

What is Free Banking And Why Should I Care?

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