New Whistles blowin’ in the wind . . . Confessions of a Drone Operator and a Federal Reserve banker

That young man sitting behind a computer screen in a darkened room in a cushy chair somewhere in Nevada (or is it Arizona?) doesn’t have much in common with a 1% banker, until they both decide to blow the whistle. By relieving themselves of secret knowledge, they begin to clear their souls of willing collusion with dirty wars on humanity and our planetary home.

I watched the wonderful film Invictus last night, about Nelson Mandela, his first years in office when he decided to focus on encouraging South Africa’s rugby team to prepare to play in the World Cup. Why? To unify his deeply divided country. Nobody else understood his reasons, but as he said at the time, “The day I stop doing what is right because people object is the day I am no longer fit to be president.”

Nelson Mandela led with his soul, his conscience. As he said, quoting the Victorian poem Invictus that continually inspired him while imprisoned for 30 years, “I am master of my fate/I am captain of my soul.”

Would that we learn to emulate him. And would that we blow the whistle on ourselves, the internal lies that prop up our “identities,” the “images” we present others, first.

Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing

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  1. These two linked stories on Exopermaculture, one of a drone operator, the other of a high-level federal reserve banker, are examples of how national amnesty might start: a safe national forum to share important stories and provide legal protections for the story teller.

    A national amnesty whistle-blower movement pulls in souls in search of karmic healing, like an extension of the “Confessional.” But is our nation even capable of karmic healing? Soul healing translates into our lives as good health among other things.

    My messy, sometimes random, theme oriented, yet cautious spiritual research brings me as close to the occult secrets as I judge prudent in the interests of protecting, healing and carefully growing my Earthly-self. I have learned and believe it matters very, very much in healing and spiritual growth to find (a) Forgiveness of others and forgiveness of self (b) A greatly heightened sense of respect for the self … like watching what I eat, or taking time out for exercise, avoiding the false, seeking the truth. At the end of day, it matters….a lot.

    • Amen, Rich! I’m about to go outside and rake leaves. That helps me come back to center. And yes, a national amnesty program would be incredible. Would that we had a Nelson Mandela to inspire us at this point in our sorry national history.

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