Ground Operations: Mother Earth heals veterans who farm


“The veterans I’ve met who are in the film — and many more — are tremendously capable, focused and visionary can-do people. We are lucky that so many of them want to grow our food. I hope viewers recognize that farming, whether rural or urban, is not merely healing for the vets after their war experience — it’s healing for us, for our communities, as they provide access to healthy, organic food to neighborhoods that are often under-served and suffer from diet-related diseases. In a world full of problems, Ground Operations is a story about solutions.”

A.K.: Veterans are one totally underutilized resource. So are those we have dumped in prisons. And students imprisoned with lifelong student loan debt. Let’s release them all to the healing powers of Mother Earth, plus build community with the land and each other while feeding ourselves with real food. I mean, duh!

via opednews.

From Battlefields to Fields of Dreams: Vets Cultivate Healing on the Farm

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