As we near the 50th Anniversary of JFK assasination, a little publicized RFK Jr. remark re-surfaces

imagesAs we approach the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assasination on November 22, 2013, one day prior to the November 23rd one-time only heliocentric Uranus/Pluto square, is this a window of opportunity for truth to emerge into the consciousness, and the conscience, of humanity?

Let’s face it, those of us who were alive then remember that awful day. We remember where we were, how the sudden inexplicable news felt so cold and numbing. We remember how we stared, glued to the tel-lie-vision screen, as the dark, veiled funeral procession paraded by.

We shut down our hearts, turned into zombies.

We have been suffering from PTSD ever since.

Then on 9/11, 2011 we were jabbed with another dose of that same Night-of-the-Living-Dead vaccine, staring, in muted horror, as the tell-lie-vision, over and over again, flashed nightmarish visions of the World Trade Center buildings fired and dissolving, shedding flying paper and bodies.

9/11 cemented us inside our own isolated shells even more thoroughly. As if we would never, ever, wake up.

All that has changed. The bankster rout in 2008, Occupy in 2011, then with skidding velocity and regularity ever since, we have watched as the Uranus/Pluto infrastructure of our “exceptional” (bloated, materialistic, selfish) society hollows out from the inside, a slow-motion collapse into oblivion.

It is time to descend into our grief, to ride the wave down, down, down into the soul of this great nation, so that we may begin to face and embrace our own fear and denial of what really does seem to be a vast conspiracy that has ripped us apart from one another and from our Mother, Lover Earth, substituting cell phone tweets for authentic, heart to heart communication.

Via opednews.

JFK nephew names ‘rogue CIA’ in JFK assassination plot

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