Dutch Sinse: These gigantic storms are manmade

I tend to trust dutchsinse, his wizardry with identifying and interpreting dynamic visual patterns re: weather and the nefarious weirdness that HAARP, etc. is doing to “cause” (or not!) storms. The problem is, I often don’t “get” what he does, even when he points it out. However, as I said I tend to trust him.

On the other hand, monster storms have also been attributed to Climate Change, due to heating of the oceans.

Or both?

Who knows? In any case, we’re in the middle of a wild wild ride. Just remember, as Bill Hicks so famously said, “It’s JUST a ride.”

Dutchsinse: November 10, 2013 – Microwave beam forms Tropical Storm ‘Zoraida’ – rotation begins upon pulse

November 11, 2013

via jhaines6.com

Go to Jean’s site for the rest of the videos and links. Lots of them!

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  1. queenvictrola says:

    Youtube has apparently erminated dutchsinse’s account. I cannot view this video.

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