Do disasters have an evolutionary purpose?

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I don’t usually post channelled material. But I was struck by this excerpt from one of them. And, since, during this scary/sacred time, we live and breathe within the solar system container of a loose grand trine in water — Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, Jupiter in Cancer (through next July) — the descent into grief and the expansion of compassion within the human family is not only crucial, it is downright likely.

The Light Collective and Mother Gaia: In the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan

November 10, 2013

channeled through Tazjima via goldenageofgaia

I am the living soul of Gaia. I am your Mother while you sojourn upon this planet.

And we are the Light Collective; we speak for the many galactic councils and light beings who oversee the evolution of your people and planet.

In the wake of the great typhoon, Haiyan, the island nation of the Philippines lies shattered and in ruins. Great is the sorrow felt for these people, for those who have died and especially for those who remain behind, left bereft in a world now unrecognizable. Many of the islands inhabitants have left the planet, their energies withdrawn from their body vehicles, in fulfillment of soul contracts agreed upon before birth.

The purpose of their dying, in making this seeming sacrifice, was to wake up the rest of humanity to the compassion that exists within all hearts. Feel this compassion rise within your own breast, although you may live in an area yet untouched by disaster. Recognize that this feeling is an indication of just how connected you are to the whole of the collective that is called humanity.

You are capable of feeling the emotions of others although separated by thousands of miles. There is no time or space within the higher dimensions which you and your world are entering into and this newly sensed ability to feel is just an indication of just how interconnected you are with all of Creation.

With each catastrophe, compassion for others will open hearts that were once closed off by fear. With each cleansing, whether storm, water, fire, flood, earthquake or volcanic eruption, more hearts will open in the survivors. Can you not see that you are the designers of this process? As a collective, you have decided who was to play what role and when each would enter and leave the world stage. It is done with a purpose, one that may not be understood by your appalled human personality, but your heart knows.

Compassion is the key to transforming your world. These “disasters” have been designed and agreed upon by those involved, as the means to move the frequency levels of the survivors higher, so ultimately, the entire planet and its remaining population, can exist freely in the higher, refined energies of the fifth dimension.

Some humans see death and they feel fear and wonder when they will die also. Their egos feel threatened and they freeze like frightened rabbits. They seek to flee to the hills, to hide in caves, to fortify palaces, to design space ships to escape the surface and go where? The inhabitants of Atlantis scoffed at the seers and priests who foretold of the disasters that came upon that island continent. Their beliefs did not protect them from going down beneath the waves when that mighty kingdom perished in cataclysm. Their beliefs that they are better than others, superior and deserving of special treatment will not save them from being compelled to release them. Nothing that smacks of separation energy will remain when the transitional period ends, nothing.

This is a time of great change. With change and challenges, there will be the departure of souls who are not prepared to live in the higher frequencies that are overtaking the planet. This is not the disaster that some would think, but part of the growing pains of the New Earth. Did you think that physical ascension was a walk in the park? Your species, your collective Humanity is on the edge of maturity.

It is time that you turn and face your fear of death. It is time to embrace your fear of death, if it still remains. Embrace it, integrate it and allow the fear to depart, vanishing like mist in the warmth of the sun. Feel compassion for yourself and for those who still insist in lingering in the shadows of the fear of dying. To be reborn, you must die to the old and that is what you are now undergoing, as an individual and as a collective.

Animals know better, that death is not the end. Whether or not they die a violent or a quiet death, they are aware that their energies pass into the group soul upon leaving the body. They do not fear the doorway of death for they understand fully that death is only a transitional state, not the end of consciousness. When it is time to reborn, they will take up new bodies and begin life afresh, either here or in their worlds.

With this great disaster, the extreme fragility of your “modern” world has been brought into sharp focus. It only took a few hours of strong lashing winds and high waters to completely strip cities, towns and villages of their entire infrastructure. What you count on every day, electricity, hot water, sewers, transportation and communication was completely stripped away within hours. These modern conveniences have served to cut you off from nature, giving strength to your current fears and continued belief in separation. And these “conveniences” have allowed your erstwhile controllers to contain your consciousness within their web of blatant deceit and illusion. The barriers are going down at your insistence, whether or not you are consciously aware of making that decision.

Humanity has believed that they are superior to nature, that they can control nature, that they can corral the energies of rivers and even the great oceans. You are being shown to be wrong. Nature will not be tamed, not by the selfish intent of a few to control the many. Nature will not be controlled or divided from itself by men intent to protect their belongings and their outmoded belief systems.

The earth is undergoing a pattern of cleansing. All that belonged to the old paradigm will be swept away. Everything, every last vestige of pollution, caused by the over-cutting of forests, the wanton pillaging of resources, destruction of water through unbalanced industrial activities such as fracking, oil and natural gas drilling, over-building of heavy structures and concrete which prevent the earth from breathing… all these things and more will be swept from the planet.

All these activities have been designed to destroy the planet and those who live here, in a wanton plot of self-destruction by those who have believed that they were better than the rest of the population. The delusion of these few individuals was such that they truly believed they would survive the destruction of the planet, but they were mistaken. None existing in a physical body could survive the utmost strain of this deluded belief in separation, for all are one, and so now the collective and the great being that over-lights the planet have agreed to take on the task of cleansing the planet of any remaining energies of separation.

It is over, this game that has been played and the players have completed their task in waking up the rest of humanity to the fact that your physical vessel is reliant upon the health of the planet and that all of you must act together to heal her and each other. It is a task that must be undertaken by those who live here. We, who live in the higher frequency worlds and have no bodies, cannot perform this task for you. You are the ones who were selected to come here and you are the ones tasked with moving the collective and the planet into the higher frequencies, for the benefit of the entire Universe.

We hear some of you ask one another, “What will be left of our world?”

When you say, “our world”, you are not speaking of the planet, of the soil, water and air that are so vital for all life to exist here. No, you are speaking of your cell phones, your vehicles, your comfortable heated and cooled houses that you reside within, despite the fact that the other 80% of humanity barely exists at poverty levels in substandard housing and with no sewers, electricity or running water.

The 20% has robbed the planet, its people and creatures, of resources and wealth in order to pad their cages in which they seek to now hide, in complete denial and resisting all the inner urging of their souls to let go of fear. Even now, these people look at each other and say, “Oh, I’m glad I didn’t go to the Philippines this year on vacation; it’s such a poor country anyway.”

What is happening? The physical planet is being prepared to engage and live in the higher frequencies. Nothing of the old paradigm will remain when the cleansing is completed. Nature does have the power to scrub the surface clean, but it has been decided that the time of tribulation would be gentler than the great planetary disasters long foretold by seers and prophets. Still, this period of transition will create change that no one will be able to deny. Those who cannot handle the change and adapt will leave their bodies.

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