On emerging into emergency-preparedness . . .

This morning I decided to finally figure out where all my emergency stuff was, in case of power outages and other inconveniences, like the dreaded November 11, or is it November 13-14? Or both?

Wouldn’t you know! Confusing! No surprise. On Wednesday, November 13th, Neptune turns to go direct at 2° Pisces. The planet of dreams and visions, now (2011-2026) in its own sign Pisces, and so unusually powerful, turns to go into forward motion. For a few days this week Neptune appears to sit there, stationary, and so, again, unusually powerful. What’s emphasized? Confusion, deceit, wishful thinking, weirdness, addiction, escapism, and possibly: spirituality, formlessness, empathy, compassion, oneness. It all depends on our level of awareness, and especially, whether we’ve learned how to be present, and to stay present, inside that spacious awareness that remains in equilibrium, no matter what.

BTW: I write this on the day that Mercury, after three weeks, itself turns to go direct. Expect to be able to finally move ahead with long mulled-over plans, contracts, decisions, etc.

Rooting around for my emergency stuff took awhile, especially to locate the various places I had stashed extra batteries for flashlights, plus the wind-up flashlight and the wind-up radio — here it is —

windup radio

which were in special spots that I had forgotten about (very Neptunian). Then there’s the stuff that I “earned” when I volunteered for a weekend Emergency Preparedness Course, can’t remember what it was called, that was maybe 7 years ago, when DHS was busy spending taxpayer money on supposedly getting neighborhood teams prepared for any eventuality. (That was back before I realized that the DHS is probably helping the other alphabet agencies to design and implement the disasters it supposedly prepares us for.) We were not to be first responders, but second responders, sporting nifty backpacks, duct tape, special hats and first aid kits, a silvery “blanket,” flashlights, etc.

I’d go downstairs right now to get all the stuff to list here, but I don’t feel like it. Don’t really want to give “disaster preparedness” any more energy than necessary. Frankly, it was all I could do to get all the stuff in one place, and then push the box under the stairs.

What I’d much rather do, of course, is go out and connect with the Mother, our Lover, Earth, In-Diana. Like I did about a week ago, with puppy Shadow.

the way in

We were walking for the first time deep into territory that has always kind of unsettled me, which is strange, since nowhere else around here do I feel that way. It’s only a couple of miles NE of where I live, but it’s a strange, eerie land. You wouldn’t know it from these photos:


Hmmm. Or would you?

But then sycamores always look especially ghostly without their leaves.



When I got home I heard from neighbor Rebecca that she had been out there recently with her dogs when soldiers appeared out of nowhere. Then, from another direction, someone dressed like an Arab. Can you believe? War games. No wonder it feels eerie.

Then, this morning, I read a post by Laura Bruno on, among other things, emergency preparedness by utilizing flower pots to both heat and cool the air! Plus, a nifty idea: a Stanley thermos cooker! I’m about to go purchase one for this purpose. As far as I’m concerned, that will complete my emergency prep for today. We already have a fairly large pond for water.


And a decent filter. And lots of toilet paper! And olive oil! Plus some canned, dried and frozen food, and cut wood to burn in the wood stove. And the GANG garden is still producing greens and carrots!

GANG garden


And the winter greenhouse is already sprouting parsley.


And we’re about to put solar on one of the roofs.

And we have pretty good relations with (always changing) IU student neighbors.

I also want to learn how to make a solar oven, and a rocket stove, and who knows what else.

This could be a good time!

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0 Responses to On emerging into emergency-preparedness . . .

  1. laurabruno says:

    Lovely, lovely photos! And yes, a bit creepy, too.

    Easiest ever permaculture rocket stove: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_O4Rwjx9cN0 (from Bealtaine Cottage)

    • Hey, thanks for the reference. Will check it out. Have you built one?

      • Wow, just checked it out! So very easy! YES! And love the fact that it’s made out of only two concrete blocks, one hollow, one solid. Geez! Thanks again!

      • laurabruno says:

        No, I actually own one that I’ve not opened yet. We might try to build one like this for an additional “burner” sometime, but I got the other one delivered to David’s parents’ house before we moved here. Just in case. 😉 With all the moving, packing and unpacking and job changes, David wasn’t in project mode when we could get one for around $100. I’d love to set up a couple of these for canning, though!

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