Healing cancer with permaculture

Just as, in a vegetable garden, to grow healthy plants, we make sure the soil is nutrient-rich, with just the right amount of sun and water, so too with our own body, mind and spirit garden. In order to ensure a “permanent culture” within our own personal living system, we must protect and nourish the microscopic cells of which it is composed. The cells know perfectly well how to function naturally, when given the right nutrients. They know how to focus and direct the mysterious life force for continuous regeneration. Do we?

Can we trust the life force?

Can we trust that our own body/mind/spirit is naturally attuned to the life force?

This video is common, sense for anyone “diagnosed” with cancer. As the author, a cancer-survivor puts it: Cancer is no big deal. We all have cancer. The body’s immune system is designed to continuously move cancer out of the system — unless compromised. Subjecting the body to dead or poisoned processed food, little or no exercise, too much stress, plus radiation and chemotherapy compromises the immune system.

I mean, duh!

Oh, and by the way, of course we know why oncologists don’t direct us towards permanent culture within the body. “It’s the economy, stupid!” If they lost the Big Pharma perks, their income would drop about 75%.

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