False Flag national power grid failure “drill” November 13-14?

Rich Buckley just sent me two articles that speak of a possible power grid failure “drill” November 13-14th.



I had heard vaguely about this possibility, but hadn’t paid attention. So much fear porn out there! However, as has become nauseatingly clear, false flag events are usually accompanied by drills.

That the cobbled-together U.S. electrical grid is fragile is something my now deceased father-in-law, Amos Joel (a Bell Labs electrical engineer and, can you believe? — inventor of the cell phone!), used to point out to me back in the 1990s. He was deeply concerned about its probable eventual failure.

So of course, let’s be scared, shall we? Notice the ominous music behind the broadcast below. Meanwhile, of course, do get prepared for any eventuality, at least with flashlights or candles and a few days worth of food and water — and especially, by cultivating authentic connections with neighbors. We are all in this together, whatever this is!

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  1. I should clarify that I copied and paste an article written (sheeeez now I lost the original)… by one of the several professional bloggers I follow and did not mention to Ann that this was a copy and paste. My bad. Sorry. When I relocated the original blog I will properly come back and credit them and post their link as I should have. … Rich I need to meditate.

  2. Well it's November 13 so where's your power grid shutdown at? NYT is just inciting fear into people with reporting stuff that is not true says:

    The lights are still on. NYT posting lies to incite fear into people this power grid shut down was never gonna happen. I feel stupid now for warning my family

    • I don’t know about the NYT, but who’s to say that the alt media’s warnings that this “drill” might be used to cover a real false flag attack (as have so many other false flags — shootings, 9/11, Oklahoma City, etc. — occurred, strangely enough, either during or shortly following drills of the exact same nature) didn’t stop that false flag from happening?

      Also, I think it’s good to be prepared for any emergency. Hoped you used this one — even though, so far, it appears non-existent — to get your stuff together!

    • When you deal in the realm of interpreting symbolic communications, you have to be prepared to feel foolish as there is no evidence when you are right and cause things to change. Be prepared to be humiliated whether you are right or wrong.

      Feeling foolish may be the price we voluntarily pay for vigilance. I did a blog and notified every police and sheriff department in and around my community, … a couple of dozen police and sheriff departments and also published my alert in public space:


      … way down on the public page where the topic starts as:

      So here’s my discovery, such as it is:

      “Important dates: When my son sent me this new Star Trek teaser link (first link below) for the latest Star Trek movie, “Into Darkness” ”

      The point being, the release dates of “Into Darkness” where changed and moved by one day by the movie marketing moguls. Did my little post cause someone in the know of in the nexus of the dark occult numerology wizards inside the movie industry, to change the release date from out of an abundance of caution?

      When you deal in this realm, you have to be prepared to feel foolish as there is no (or little) evidence when you are right and cause things to change.

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