Bill Herbst: A Scorpio astrologer who maps the Uranus/Pluto zeitgeist

Bill Herbst 1988

Bill Herbst 1988

I find it hard to believe that I’ve just now discovered this extraordinarily gifted thinker, wordsmith and astrologer. I came upon his work while reading his recent piece in the new edition of the Mountain Astrologer, on what the U.S. will be heading into during 2014-2015, when both transit Mars and Jupiter create a Grand Cross with the ongoing (2012-2015) Uranus/Pluto square and pow-eee! — fracture the long-standing tense contradictory impulses signified by the square detente(?) between Saturn and the Sun in the U.S. natal chart. Whew! I know that’s a mouthful. And I know that even this intro is best read only by those who speak the astrological language.

I was sitting there wishing I could post that article to this site, when I discovered that it’s also posted on his site, That led me there, where I discovered his natal chart, his bio, an old picture of him, and another article on the Uranus/Pluto global maelstrom.

This guy is damn good at precisely, complexly and profoundly describing the zig-zagging whirls of the unfolding global hurricane. Totally recommended. You will learn something, perhaps especially if you don’t speak astrology, since it may help you understand why some of us do. Yep! As above, so below.

Uranus and Pluto: Correspondences in the 2010s


Uranus-Pluto and the USA Chart

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  1. Iris Horsey says:

    I thoroughly recommend Bill Herbst, too. He somehow hits the nail on the head.

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