Al Gore’s passionate impromptu speech on climate change: “We are going to win. Be of good cheer. This is a joyful task.”

Oh I know, I know. “Gore has made millions off of global warming.” Or, “Al Gore has a gigantic, energy-sucking house.” How many times have I seen headlines like this?

Okay, so Al Gore is as full of messy contradictions as the rest of us. And guess what? The famously “wooden” Al Gore also clearly means what he says, gives examples, and inspires even, it turns out, such a one as me, basically a Luddite by inclination, but addicted to the internet and putting solar on my roof. Technology may not be “the answer,” but appropriate technology will be part of it — as of course, so will taking off our rigid conceptual helmets and shaking out our hair. Transforming our world will require re-skilling, re-connecting with our bodies, our passions, our neighbors, and our good Earth. It will invite us to stay present and breathe while we drastically pare down our material needs through gifting, sharing, recycling, repurposing. And yes, cleaning our tiny, beautiful planetary house will invite us to learn and practice permaculture, permanent culture, collectively shapeshifting into a truly regenerative civil-ization that can be sustained over millennia, not just for our children and grandchildren, but for all living beings squirming through this utterly mysterious, wildly alive and pregnant cosmos, forever and ever and ever, AMEN!

So yes! Let us, as one people, on one planet, in one solar system, in one galaxy teeming with billions of other Earth-like planets, turn our minds and hearts in this utterly “joyful” direction.

BTW: Be patient, it takes Gore a little while to warm up.


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