How-our-world-might-transform Department: Two interviews with the Moneyless Man

Daniel Soelo, "the moneylessman," photo:

Daniel Soelo, “the moneylessman,” photo:

When we contemplate greatly shrunken coastlines, then the idea of letting go of the so-called kingpin of our civilization, namely fiat, debt-based, usurious”money,” doesn’t seem so drastic. And see Charles Eisenstein, his comprehensive and thoughtful book Sacred Economics, for more on how to reshape our human experience of ourselves, of others, and of the exchanges among us.

Eisenstein would agree with Daniel Soelo, the “moneyless man,” who points out:

“Money only exists if two or more people believe it exists.”

I haven’t read either of these interviews yet, but I will. Especially after this morning, when I spent four hours and $450 for new tires and $360 on one pallet of wood pellets (for this winter’s stove burning), four LED lightbulbs ($11 each), one 5-window insulation kit ($13) and plastic sheeting ($9) to replace the torn cover on the cold frame. That follows yesterday’s bill for puppy Shadow’s “dental” ($281, including four tooth extraction and antibiotic) . . . The “big ticket items” are relatively unusual expenditures, that, even so, slam in on a regular basis. I cannot imagine what life must be like for those who have no homes, or who are trying to feed small children on smaller and smaller food stamp allotments, or who have no friends or family, or, worse, much worse, those who must worry every moment that they might be randomly blown up by a U.S. drone.

As winter beckons, in this “real” 3D world I’m busy squirreling away what I (and others around me) might need for a low energy future, including solar for this house and the house next door, which I will blog about again when it actually happens, late this month or early next month (total, including the complexity of two meters: $31,000). Oh yes, and that doesn’t include the nearly $5000 for a new, light reflecting metal roof that goes under the solar installation! Ye gods! In other words, I’m busy converting much of what “cash” remains of my “retirement” into useful material “goods.”


Interview with the Moneyless Man


The Man Who Quit Money

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