Cop breaks down and cries during Phillipino protest

At first, he told protestors, who demanded to know why he was doing this to them, that he was just doing his job. Then he broke down. He fuzzed the edge and shifted the atmosphere. Let’s all remember that cop when we tell our children, after it’s too late to stop this mad march to ecocide, that we were “just doing our jobs.”

Alternatively, let’s each of us evaluate our “job,” in terms of its relationship to what’s keeping this insane system going.

Do you work, for example, for the U.S. military, or any of its related industries? Do you work for the increasingly tentacular government — as a computer programmer, say, in “security systems” like the NSA? Are you a slave to your aerospace, bankster, and medically funded “hedge fund”? Are you employed in “modern medicine or Big Pharma?” Do you work in a university that runs on corporate grants and student debt? Do you grow or sell or introduce in some other way, GMO corn and soybean products?

It’s hard to get away from the matrix. In fact it’s impossible. Except it’s not! Not if we all look long and hard at how we are keeping the debt-fueld capitalist monster going and shift accordingly. That may mean gearing down to a simpler life. It probably will. It may mean connecting with our neighbors. It probably will. It may mean learning how to grow food, and mend clothes and shoes, and do stuff that we forgot about now that we only use our hands to touch keys on smaller and smaller “devices.”

Let’s listen to the insistent small voice of conscience that’s pointing out how we, in our willed ignorance, are in collusion with those who would oppress the natural world that can, in her insistent generosity, easily support us all — without money, without demanding that we return the favor, without anything except the mysterious laws of continuous regeneration that govern her and that we stupidly think we have not just understood, but mastered and controlled. Indigenous peoples know better.

So hats off to this cop. He may have not intended to break down. But we can be glad that his heart is bigger than his paycheck.

The Reason This Police Officer Broke Down Into Tears During A Protest Broke Me Down Into Tears, Too.

Human beings have a habit of being violent. We have spent countless decades fighting each other and ourselves. This photo, however, could convince anyone to live a peaceful life. A strong police officer was reduced to tears because of the violence and abuse he witnessed. It’s time to stop the violence.

Choosing anger and violence is NEVER the right call.

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