Amazing Memorial to Plane Crash Victims in Nigerian Desert

I see this story, and I ask, what are human beings NOT capable of?

I Noticed This Tiny Thing On Google Maps. When I Zoomed In… Well, Nothing Could Prepare Me.

November 2, 2013

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A friend told me to go to a certain latitude and longitude on Google Maps. When I noticed it seemed to be in the middle of an African desert, I thought he was just sending nonsense. But when I zoomed in, my mind was blown. I noticed a tiny icon that looked like an airplane.

So I did some more research and discovered there’s an incredibly tragic and beautiful story behind it. Here it is, from start to finish.

Six Libyans were ultimately convicted of this terrorist attack. They used a suitcase bomb to blow up the plane, which resulted in 155 passengers and 15 crew members meeting their demise.

Even in the face of this tragedy, the families constructed this beautiful memorial to never forget what happened. They will live on in their hearts, in the desert, and even on Google Earth forever.

Source & UTA Flight 772 Wikipedia Page

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2 Responses to Amazing Memorial to Plane Crash Victims in Nigerian Desert

  1. The human spirit is incredible….It never dies….VK

  2. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    That is amazing. Thank you for posting, Ann.

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