Corbett Report: Corporate capitalism created modern medicine

— “according to a book written decades ago, in 1979. One thing that’s studiously avoided by the left/right phony debate about Obamacare, is that Liz Fowler, essential for bringing Obamacare to the American public, was a former Vice-President of Wellpoint, a private insurance company. This is crony capitalism, aka fascism, to its core.”

[Wikipedia: Wellpoint is “the largest managed health care, for-profit company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. It was formed when WellPoint Health Networks, Inc. merged into Anthem, Inc., with the surviving Anthem adopting the name, WellPoint, Inc.”]

Until the turn of the 20th century, allopathy (killing the disease via toxic drugs and surgery) and homeopathy (helping the body heal itself through herbs other non-toxic vegetable substances) were both practiced and culturally sanctioned. Then, new developments made allopathic medicine much more profitable, and turned it into an industry.

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