Barbara Hand Clow: Galloping through Quantum Fields with Uranus/Pluto: November 1 and 23, 2013

During this climactic November, the more astrology the better, to help us both place the exciting/terrifying chaotic personal and planetary Uranus/Pluto energies in perspective as well as remind us to center ourselves and breathe through the heart into action.

Also, at least see this and this and this and this and this!

Barbara Hand Clow really knows how to communicate the kinetic, frenetic, intensely creative energy of this galloping Uranus/Pluto square (2012-2015) time. (BTW: notice how the word “kinetic” has entered the vernacular?) Even if you don’t grok the astrology, just read through it anyway, and you’ll begin to pick it up! (Wherever I go, I think and speak in this ancient divine language, to the point where those around me can’t help but absorb it.)

Galloping through Quantum Fields

Fourth Uranus/Pluto (Geocentric) Square: 11/1/2013

(First and Only) Uranus/Pluto Heliocentric Square: 11/23/2013

Barbara put this info out as a pdf from her website.


Geocentric, November 1, 2013 (we are within its aura for the next few days):

“I think the awareness we each have equal votes in 6D will increase
radically during this square, and then increase exponentially during the
heliocentric square. Why? The formative power of 6D altering 4D
quantum probability fields is observable now—the first good outcomes
I’ve seen in years. We see leaders genuinely grappling with a maniac
who gasses civilians and whistleblowers expose elite covert activities.
The pyramid is eroding under the pressure of secrecy exposure and
demands for equality, so use your vote! What you say and think really
matters now. Leaders in most countries are vulnerable because they
don’t know what to do anymore and they’re getting replaced. Take note
that Pope Francis might be an egalitarian; a powerful woman was
nominated to head the Federal Reserve; and President Obama gets no
respect unless he does what people feel he’s capable of doing.”

Heliocentric square, November 23, 2013:

“If there is a solar and ecological crisis around the time of the heliocentric square,
this chart suggests it is a necessary wakeup call. We all know we need it;
however fear is not the appropriate response, action is. Remember, as
we traverse quantum reality, beings in higher dimensions guide Earth.”

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