Branding Russell Brand?

So. Though Russell Brand is obviously brilliant, and his quick thumbnail analysis of what’s “wrong” to BBC’s Jeremy Paxman excited me among many others, and in fact deservedly went viral immediately, drumming up the meme “revolution now!” — I also want to confess here that his unusual access to “the authorities,” from the time I became aware of him, mocking the media on MSNBC’s morning show, has made me pause. In 2007, for example, he met the Queen. Huh?


Here are a few folks who are recoiling from the hoopla, branding Brand in various ways.

Laura Bruno, in a blogpost called


places Brand’s BBC interview inside in David Icke’s (and others’, including Hegel’s) “Problem, Reaction, Solution” framework. She is concerned that Brand has been been set up to incite “revolution” which will then be crushed by “the authorities” to bring on “security” via the police state.

As fuel for Bruno’s fire, I include a comment I saw on some blog somewhere that asked why the BBC allowed this interview to be aired, when Brand obviously made mincemeat out of Paxman? Good question, and I’m surprised the journalist who fawningly deconstructed the interview didn’t ask it.

Truthout ran a headline —

The Revolution will not be Russell Brand-ed

— that includes this quote: “As young organizers and radical thinkers, the question on our lips is: why is Brand getting so much attention, while we – the “disenfranchised underclass” – been saying this shit for years?”

Finally, Topher, a young, discerning video blogger, while respectfully agreeing with Brand on the problem, takes issue with Brand’s “solution” (socialism, with a massive redistribution of wealth) in a very common-sense way.

Unfortunately, Topher is still a dualistic thinker, and comes down on the side of individual liberty increasing while government shrinks. This can easily morph into Ayn Randian selfishness, tea partydom, rigid right-wing braggadocio.

Let’s face it. The revolution is on-going, everywhere, and needs no celebrity to lead it. The revolution is self-organizing, emerging from within each of our hearts, not just to “survive” on our own, but to thrive with each other in families, neighborhoods, communities, regional and internet networks, all locally sourced from a renewed communion with Earth herself as a living, conscious, heavenly body. The revolution is not just “bottom-up,” but bottom-over. Like mycellia, its underground filaments diffuse, scatter, circulate, embrace and curve around this dear planet, and us, all of us, four-legged, two-legged, winged, stone people, plant people, mountains, rivers, lakes, wind, clouds, the glorious sun and stars above, all of us breathing in the universe, breathing out our love.

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  1. Mycelia seems to be a most excellent metaphor.

    …for abundance and diversity in life.

  2. laurabruno says:

    I love your mycelllia analogy, too! Also, just a quick note, that while I do have concerns about a police state crackdown, I actually have far deeper concerns about the masses actually begging for a more insidious crackdown on their spirits and souls through the promise of pretty, candy, global “solutions” that have no real substance but that New Age “guru’s”, “compassionate” celebrities, and other “spiritual leaders” urge everyone to demand and usher in.

    I’m encouraged that Oprah realized her earlier mistake and the way she was used to usher in our current version of the police state. She recently gave the White House a “flat out, unequivocal no.” May more people in Hollywood and the awareness communities heighten their own discernment so that their good hearts and charisma aren’t unintentionally (by them but carefully managed by controllers) used to trick humanity into the worst prison imaginable — selling its soul to the globalists. This is not just about money; it’s very much a battleground for the soul, and humanity has almost lost it. I’m pleased to see many efforts to regain it, and also a growing recognition of the value of the soul.

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