Was Massachusetts teen who slit throat of teacher mind-controlled?

images-3I don’t know if anyone has investigated this, but the father of the Massachusetts student who slit the throat of his popular teacher is (or was) in the military. This put me on alert: mind-control victims are often drawn from military families.

Check out the voluminous section on Mind Control in wanttoknow.info. And do read Thanks for the Memories, an amazing document by a former mind-controlled victim, even better than Trance Formation of America, which is the one I originally read more than ten years ago, and frankly, did not believe. It seemed too preposterous. Oh?

Note that the Massachusetts suspect is variously described as “quiet,” “shy,” “amiable,” not someone disposed to vicious violence. Very similar to what was said about the Colorado shooter, the Connecticut shooter, etc.

Note also that this school murder follows right on the heels of another one, in Nevada, a “really nice kid” who killed a popular teacher (an ex-Marine), and then turned the gun on himself. Also mind-controlled? Is one of his parents in the military?

Two fear-mongering false flags, aiming to discourage popular teachers, lock down schools, strip Americans of guns (and now, box-cutters?), and make us beg for a police state to keep us “safe”? Yuck. Please don’t fall for it.

Interesting how these stories come so regularly, as if they are timed, and accelerating. What is it, one or two at least once a month now? Navy Yard shooting was late September.

Here’s an early version of the Massachusetts story:


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