The Intelligent Universe: ANTS

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  1. Too bad they killed all the ants. My bees are making me more keenly aware of what a unity mind can do. The bee culture is complex and harmonious. But it also makes me mindful that Nature is not sentimental: Bees must cull their own, and workers literally work themselves to death on behalf of the whole. Still, if you stick to the task before you, say the bees, there are many days of wonder, increase, and song.

  2. Anyone know?

    What causes the Ant Colony to “abandon” all this work? And how man average worker “Ant-generations” went into building this colony? Did something go terribly wrong or is this some normal cycle?

  3. Jamie says:

    So, this is what cooperation looks like. Stunning.

  4. Susan McElroy says:

    Peace and Conflict: Looks to me like cement was the culprit. There were ants in evidence at the entrance of the colony when they started pouring.

  5. Susan and Rich —
    Look on you tube, It says “THE ANT COLONY WAS ABANDONED.”

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