BASHAR: “Feel, in the beating of your heart, that it keeps pace with the rhythm, of the spinning, of all the galaxies . . .”

“Out of your dreams, be born. Out of your heart, be alive. Out of your soul, be light. For you are nothing else.”

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Published on Sep 15, 2013

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I’ve been listening to Bashar’s work since 2007 and this is one of the greatest speech I have ever heard from him. I encourage everyone to listen to it every morning before starting your day! While editing, I must’ve listened to his entire speech 75 times, if not more and his words are now embeded in my consciousness, forever changing me as I absord them in my every moments of this wonderful now.

Wow! What a challenge this one was! I wanted to convey the many aspects of love and light from the Source -All That Is-. A white bird, symbol of strenght, purety and freedom. Pure potential, imagination, intelligence and beauty in the creation of a foreign world who, in the end, learned how to connect to one another until they became one… somewhere in space, perhaps not so far from here. The impossible within the possible and vice-versa in the form of a fish swimming in the sky, passing by a blooming Tree of life. A garden of eden, floating in the sky, protected by guardians. I could feel peace, stability and compassion in that image. A ball of light, pulsating pure divine love, representing the heartbeat of All That Is. Finally, a human, dancing in the light, every shimmering little balls attracted to his every movement, as if they could not keep away from him.

At times, I have felt the presence of Bashar standing right next to me, encouraging me, almost challenging me to go beyond my usual limits which I believe I did. In a weird way, my intuition is telling me that it is meant for someone out there and Bashar himself knows who that person is and that hearing this will give that person the opportunity to tweak the matrix for the betterment of something. I believe it is the reason why I felt him push me to do my very best, why I felt the need to look into every single details with all my attention. Indeed, I was not alone in this creation process. Then again, I never am….

Love, light and joy to all! As always, thank you for all your beautiful comments.

Om Namah Shivaya (I Am God)

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    Om Namah Shivaya (I Am God)

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