Explosive Shutdown and Yellen nomination: Uranus/Pluto, tempered by Saturn?

Two posts that reflect and comment on the extraordinary astrology of these times: the long-running (2011-2015) penetrating, revolutionary Uranus/Pluto square (see many posts on this site), and Saturn in Scorpio, configuring in harmony with Jupiter in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces until mid summer, 2014.

The first, about our current shutdown/standoff —

The Litmus Test

makes the Uranus/Pluto astrology explicit.

The second, about the nomination of Janet Yellen to the Fed and her likely focus on transparency and methodical rules —

The Yellen Fed: Precise and Predictable

— reads like an evolved use of Saturn in Scorpio.

Peak oil theorists have always talked about the choice we face: between a hard or soft landing. The current Saturn trine with Jupiter and Neptune helps cushion the blows. Whether or not it will help yield a truly soft landing remains to be seen. And of course, so very much depends on our own personal equanimity. Can we remain balanced in times of tremendous stress?

Each of us standing in the exact center of the universe.

Each of us radiating harmony into the whole.

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  1. rebeccahwt says:

    Re: Yellen: not sure how “systematic, predictable” models, rules–work in a quantum world. But sure makes us all feel “safe”.

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