From the Rich List to the (En)Rich List: Those who leverage individual energy into social and environmental transformation.

Forbes-Rich-List-Short-255x300Responding to the Forbes Billionaires List, the folks at the Post Growth Institute created an “(En)Rich List” of 100 people whose intellectual and social capital are invaluable as harbingers for a prosperous world that doesn’t rely on our addiction to consumption.


The (En)Rich List celebrates a wealth of inspirational individuals. Collectively, the people highlighted throughout this website present a rich tapestry that points to globally prosperous and sustainable futures.

Seven of us from the Post Growth Institute spent months defining and refining this list. We were motivated by the way mainstream media often notes achievement: by celebrating material and monetary wealth. Take, for example, the Forbes Rich List, released each March, which showcases the world’s wealthiest billionaires.

For us, there are additional ways ‘richness’ can play out, be measured, and be celebrated. The people on this list represent wealth that cannot be defined by a dollar value.

Those listed in our ‘Top 100’ and ‘Honourable Mentions’ have a diversity of approaches, positions (both geographical and political), and perspectives (see our latest comments on the limitations of such diversity here). They have opened up new avenues for engagement with important matters by inviting us to question what is, challenging us to imagine what may beand suggesting practical ways for how we might get there.

We hope that this list—and the conversations it provokes—can bolster existing and new efforts to construct global realities grounded in social equity and ecological sustainability.

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