Lavabit founder, who stood up to the NSA: Due to ethical decision, he shifted from software developer to political activist, OVERNIGHT.

“My ethics . . . I felt that the ethical choice, the one that I could live with the best after it was over would be to shut down. But it was hard, because it meant walking away from ten years of my life, after I’d finally been able to grow the business into somewhat of a success. And it was making money! It took eight years to get to that point.”

“Overnight, I’ve had to transition myself from being a small business owner and software developer and an introvert into a political activist! Traveling around the country, standing on a soapbox, hoping that people will listen and hear what I’m saying and read between the lines and contact their congressional member . . . Because it has to stop. If we continue down this road, there’s some very dark days ahead. . .

“Others have followed in my wake. I’ve become a catalyst. A triggering event, so to speak. The Rosa Parks of internet privacy rights. It’s sad, because we’re supposed to be a free country.”

“Whose to say that embarrassing phone calls or emails aren’t being held over the heads of politicians to get them to do things that they might not otherwise do?”

Luckily, he became “famous” overnight, too, so they didn’t want to arrest him, lest they fuel the flames of rebellion.

Letter from lavabit and donation button here.

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