A lesson in MSM “spin”: What “drove” the Navy Yard shooter “crazy”?

mind-control-200x200Please see these stories as backdrop to the current one:

Naval Yard Shooting False Flag Psy-Op

Are questions about the Navy Yard shooter’s “mental state” exposing various forms of mind control?

I was surprised to see that the FBI is now telling the MSM that Adrian Alexis claimed that “the government had been attacking his brain for the past three months using extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves created by the Navy, and that that was the reason he needed to lash out.” That quote from the New York Times.

Gunman Said Electronic Brain Attacks Drove Him to Violence, F.B.I. Says

The story also included this sentence:

“Mr. Alexis had a history of angry outbursts over the last decade, and he had been arrested three times in three states, though he was never prosecuted in any of those episodes.”

Notice here, the NYT doesn’t say he was “crazy,” or made “crazy” by his claim that he was attacked by these ELF weapons, just that “he had a history of angry outbursts and had been arrested in three states.”

Actually, in this matter of the gunman’s supposed character, personality, or mental state, the NYT was less directive than the two other two MSM news sources I checked.

Here’s huffpost, riffing on the same subject:

Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard Shooter, Left Note Saying Radio Waves Made Him Kill

“. . . his behavior in the weeks before the shooting and evidence recovered from his hotel room, backpack and other belongings reveal a man increasingly in the throes of paranoia and delusions.”

Paranoia and delusions, eh? Of course he was not attacked; he must have been delusional to think he was being attacked.

The washington post also pointed to “His delusional belief that he was being bombarded by extremely low-frequency radio waves . . .”

FBI: Navy Yard gunman left note saying bombardment with radio waves drove him to kill

Notice that the newspapers were taking their talking points from the FBI:

“The FBI revealed that note from Alexis on Wednesday, along with peculiar notations on the shotgun he used, as evidence of a man in the throes of profound paranoia and delusions. Investigators have found no evidence that the September 16 shooting was inspired by a workplace conflict, saying he picked his victims at random and appears to have been driven by an unchecked mental illness.”

That was the first of three references in the same article to his “mental health” or “mental illness.”

Aha! A bit further in that same article, we come across this:

“The ELF frequency range has historically been used for submarine communications, but some conspiracy theorists believe it allows for government monitoring and mind control of citizens, said Valerie Parlave, assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington field office.”

I guess the NYT was using the same talking points:

“The Navy has used low frequency electromagnetic waves, or ELF, for submarine communications. But some conspiracy theorists say the government has weaponized the frequencies to monitor and manipulate unsuspecting citizens, Ms. Parlave said.”

So, in one fell swoop, the PTB (oops! PTW) through the FBI, both admits ELF weapons, says they’re used only in submarine communications, and dismisses all who would see them as possible mind control weapons to create Manchurian Candidates.

My guess is that the alt media is starting to lap at the heels of this latest false flag story a little too closely; so that it had to use its media lapdogs to both admit, deny, and dismiss all at the same time.

Case closed?

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