False Flag and Co: AFRICOM “pivots” to Kenyan Mall. Why?

From the minute the instantly heavily publicized Kenyan mall attack on September 20th swiveled our still-sheeple(?) heads from D.C.’s September 16th Navy Yard false flag attack, I knew we had entered a new internationalist false flag phase. Oh, no doubt, not new, but new to me. So then the question was. Why Africa? Why Kenya? And why that mall. Intuitively, I knew Empire’s AFRICOM had to be involved. But that’s all. Yesterday reader SueM sent me a few urls, and that got me going. I still can’t bring myself to plough through all this geopolitical chess play stuff. But I sure wanted to share it.

• Global Research: Kenyan Bloodbath: Reaping the “Benefits” of US AFRICOM Collaboration

NATO’s North African terror tidal wave predictably sweeps into Kenya.

• Mother Jones: The Startling Size of U.S. Military Operations in Africa

And this:

• Tomdispatch: The Startling Size of the U.S.’s pivot to Africa

And more:

• Activist Post: Kenyan Bloodbath: State Sponsored Terrorism and Sophistication

Anti-ICC Kenyan President and his government appear to be the target of US-bolstered Al Qaeda attack.

And a backgrounder:


It does look as if the whole business of mind control and mind controlled Manchurian Candidates is getting a bump in publicity via questions surrounding the Navy Yard shooter. First there was the business of ELF carved into his gun. Here’s the latest:

• Veterans Today: Navy Yard Gunman: Stalked, Tortured, Induced to Kill

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