Blessings of the Waters Equinox Ceremony, GANG garden!

That's me, in white.

That’s me, in white.

Yesterday’s blessing ceremony seemed to perform itself, with the help of Zilia, who smudged us all with sage, Rebecca, who called in the directions, Jim who drummed a tiny bit after each one, and Liz, who sprinkled holy water. We walked around the pond together, facing the direction that we were calling in.

Then we sat in a circle and I talked, briefly, about the symbology of Equinox, how the phenomenon of equal day and night calls us to balance the opposites in our life, dark and light, male and female. And how, ever since Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, the human race has been doing synchronized global meditations, more and more each year, until finally, in 2013, the number has been so high nobody can keep track. Especially now, at the Autumn Equinox, nine months past the Winter Solstice December 21, 2012 date which the Harmonic Convergence had called into being 25 years earlier as the final goal — the moment when when the human race would begin again.

Have we begun again? It certainly does seem so, despite the ravages that continue. See, for example, two posts from today, this and this.

Finally, we made tiny conveyances for our seeds, string, and other little things we picked up to remind ourselves of what we cherish and/or what we desire, and launched them onto the water, to the cheers of all the gold fish and frogs and insects who inhabit the pond ecosystem and continuously circulate energy to the point where one almost gets dizzy being with all the life!

Here’s a few photos from Liz from that lovely afternoon, when seven of us gathered (increased to nine a bit later), did ceremony, and then sat around with tea, and beer, and banana chips to talk about our lives with the miraculous element of water, from childhood on. So grateful! And so amazed by its mystery and constant care.



light on water

Finally, here’s Kriste’s photo of one tiny world.


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