This honest, generous heart inspires mutual generosity

Glen James says returning the money made him feel “very very good.” The overflowing heart does feel good. And, believe it or not, in an age when pompous suits still declare that “greed is good,” even so, underneath it all, we humans, we homo sapiens — “man the wise” — are innately designed for giving.

One good deed inspires countless others. Publicity for one good deed endlessly magnifies the original inspiration. YES!

Over $71K raised in one day to buy house for Boston homeless man who returned $42K

Glen James
image: screenshot from Boston Globe video

September 17, 2013

by Madison Ruppert

Activist Post

Glen James probably did not expect to get anything in return for turning in a backpack with over $42,000 in it. But now some $71,647 has been raised in just over 24 hours to buy the homeless Boston man a house.

While some municipalities have punished people for helping the homeless – or in some cases threatened to – and destroyed donations to homeless shelters, it seems that in this case it is actually working out for James.

The original goal for the GoFundMe campaign was just $50,000, a goal which was shattered in less than 24 hours. The goal has now been extended to $250,000.

It seems that thousands have been encouraged and inspired by James’ honesty and integrity.

“Even if I were desperate for money, I would not have kept even a … penny of the money I found. I am extremely religious — God has always very well looked after me,” James wrote in a statement, according to the Christian Post.

James said that returning the backpack made him feel “very, very good.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone — every pedestrian stranger — who has given me spare change. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” he said.

Since the story first came to light, James has received national news coverage:

Now over 2,800 strangers, who probably would never have seen James on the street, have stepped up to help the man.

“Thank you all so much for helping make a huge positive impact on a person’s life! It is absolutely amazing what can be done when people come together like this and work to accomplish a great thing,” wrote Ethan Whittington, the organizer of the campaign.

“I hope you are all proud of what we have done and that you are inspired by Mr James to do the right thing in your own life,” Whittington wrote.

This article first appeared at End the Lie.

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