Are you a “prepper”? If so, what kind?

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I confess, I am a prepper. Not the isolated, individualist kind of prepper who trusts no one except family and tries to build a personal Shangri-La or at least some kind of encampment isolated from others in expectation of Mad Max hell on earth. That may not work out too well . . .

No one survives on prepper island

The above article not only shows one (bloated, materialist) Shangri-La and one more common prepper encampment, but it also goes on to detail the kind of prepper that I am and appreciate. One who inspires and depends on myself-in-community, starting with the many (sometimes quarreling) aspects of myself, proceeding out to those in my household and nearby neighbors, then to the greater, in my case, “Green Acres” neighborhood, then to the network of neighborhoods in my town (CONA, here in Bloomington, the next meeting of which I will attend this evening), then to Bloomington and its relation to the bioregion, etc. etc.

Above all, every single day, starting from within, cultivating that first, and foremost, to generate surplus energy to share with others.

Meanwhile, here’s another prepper article, speaking of prepper qualities that are good to cultivate:

Ten things that preppers get right

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