Naval Yard Shooting False Flag Psy-op?

UnknownSure seems like it. The latest fear porn distraction, to promote “gun control” and who knows what else: the purported “Navy Yard Shooting,” timed precisely, to occur just after the Syria “World War III” emergency dies down (temporarily?).

Yep! Once again our heads and hearts are jerked into swiveling to watch images of big guns and clanking uniforms and giant rumbling machines “secure” normally “peaceful” areas, and listen to reports of murders climb, total, as of this morning 13, plus, of course the “lone gunman” the latest “young male” shooter (a mind-controlled Manchurian candidate, programmed to go off now?), or are there two or three shooters? and hey wasn’t there just a drill here the other day? Etc. etc. Sandy Hook all over again. Are we surprised?

This morning I googled “Navy Yard Shooting false flag?” and of course, there was already lots of stuff. Alex Jones is on it. So is Jon Rappoport. And there’s a video of newscasters laughing. I repost the second of Rappoport’s commentaries on this latest national spectacle and the video below that.

Navy Yard shooting: psyop, loose ends, media parrots

September 17, 2013

by Jon Rappoport

After covering a number of mass shootings and bombings over the last 20 years,I question the official explanation when a new one occurs. Automatically. Always. Every single time.

They lie. They obfuscate. They parrot. They don’t investigate beyond a comfortable point. They leave loose ends, which are often far more important than the supposed central facts.

And there is always a psyop after the event. It goes like this: “tragedy,” “unspeakable,” “will bring to justice,” “our thoughts and prayers are with,” “this didn’t happen in a war, it happened here,” “vigil for victims,” “grieving,” “closure,” “nation mourns the loss.”

Why is this a psyop? Because the government officials and mainstream media reporters don’t feel what they claim to be feeling. Their “positions as leaders” feel something, which is the same thing as saying it’s an act.

Beyond that, the purpose of the psyop is to divert attention from the fact that law-enforcement officials are bending the investigation, abandoning significant leads, and taking the short path to a “satisfactory” wrap-up.

To boil down the psyop: “it was tragic, and now it’s solved.” One, two. Open wound, closed wound. That’s the government/media formula.

In my previous article, I mentioned the psychiatric drug connection as a distinct possibility that haunts every one of these crimes. Rarely will reporters bother to look into this. It’s dicey for them. Exposing pharmaceutical companies and their horrendously toxic drugs is bad for business.

Imagine this front-page NY Times headline: “Four leading physicians state that, in all likelihood, the shooter was on one of the SSRI antidepressants, which can and do push people over into violence, including murder.”

Sub-head: “The doctors vow to press the authorities until they get to the bottom of the psychiatric-homicide connection.”

Sure. That’s going to happen when a rooster flies a spaceship to the Orion Belt.

If the purported shooter at the Navy Yard, Aaron Alexis (where is/are the other shooters?), was suffering from PTSD, as his family apparently claims, was he seeing a psychiatrist? What was the diagnosis? What drugs were prescribed? What effects do these drugs have?

Perfectly reasonable and legit questions.

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