Synchronicity Department: In the precise same moment that I posted this morning on chemtrails, I received this email . . .

This morning’s post on chemtrails in our skies dovetails with my brother-in-law John Cowan’s email on chemical pollution of our waters. John has spent his entire professional life in remediation of polluted waters. Unfortunately, it has taken me until now to post these maps. (He had sent png files, which wouldn’t load into wordpress. My housemate Jim just showed me how to change them to jpegs.)

Dear Ann,

Here are some maps that you didn’t see but are perhaps even more eye opening.

1. Here is a map of sampled groundwater wells that were being used for drinking water that exceeded the safe drinking water levels for Arsenic.


2. Here is a map that shows the overall groundwater contamination in the US for just Arsenic alone (the other contaminates in the groundwater would depress you if I showed them).


3. Here is another showing surface waters of the US contaminated with Phosphorus. This is a particularly serious problem as it impacts not only water quality but habitat for native species of fish and those terrestrial animals that use those waters. You can pretty much attribute this to agricultural run-off and discharge from sewage treatment plants (use of industrial detergents, and chemicals like any organo phosphate ag-chemicals).


4. This one shows rivers that have exceeded the phosphorus and nitrogen limits across the US. The only reason there is nothing shown in the SW is that there is no data in this file for that area of the country.


Sorry to depress you but, these are the maps that people need to be seeing. While our governments are running around fighting wars and saber rattling over the use of chemical weapons we are quietly being poisoned (why does this feel like the same issue that we are being asked to go to war over in Syria?). Our water supplies are being sacrificed because we are distracted by something that is, what, far more horrible? There will come a day when the groundwater beneath our feet will either be gone or so terribly contaminated that to use it we will have to pay, just like we pay for gasoline. I can go without fuel for my car but how long can we survive without water?

Anyway, my thoughts for the day.

Love you my dear.

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