Another relevant email in, this one on clearing chemtrails — and whatever!

Wow! I’ve put posted the info from Mark Further below the email. This is definitely worth pursuing.

Hi Ann,

Read your post today on getting sprayed with the toxic chemtrails and felt your anguish. I had so much despair after going to the march against chemtrails last month here in Portland. A small but very educated group of people showed up with beautiful signs with a lot of information some of which I wasn’t aware of. So they walked and were mostly ignored and then everyone went home. It seemed almost worse than doing nothing, and there has been no follow up.

I was so frustrated and my mind just couldn’t wrap itself around people who were so passionate about global warming threats but couldn’t see that we are being poisoned on a daily basis. It really is the invisible issue and I don’t know why. I think I know how David Icke felt at the beginning of his speaking out when he was ridiculed by everyone. I don’t have his courage because I haven’t tried to connect with any of the local environmental groups since the march.

But once again, the universe seemed to act to bring me some info or a piece of intel as John Lash likes to call it. I found a link to a blog by a man in Seattle named MarkFurther in a ZenGardner’s comment, and Zen said Mark Further was a good guy. He doesn’t post often, but his August posts deal with an energetic way to clear chemtrails. I found this info at my most despairing moment so I paid attention. I can’t vouch for it personally, and the skies have been pretty clear here of late. But if in fact we are all connected, his method seems worth pursuing, and I plan to do so. I’ve not written this message for posting on your blog, but if you feel like sharing his “intel” with your readers that’s up to you. I’ve written him a thank you, but have not heard back. I love the Purhaven section of his blog where he describes his university of the future’s course catalog which includes permaculture, of course.

Thank you for lifting my spirits with your blog every day — even when the news is not so positive, you’re there courageously telling truth. I wanted to reciprocate and send you something that may help us deal with this ongoing crime against humanity and the earth. I think it would be easier to get new age folk to use his method than it is to get the more rational activists involved. But we have to start somewhere, and this is a heart centered method that aligns with my belief in oneness.

love and blessings,



From MarkFurther website:

A Photo and Some Tips on Clearing the Skies



This is the sky above my residence in the Seattle area today. I haven’t seen such a pure beautiful blue sky in ages. We had a light drizzle this morning and now this! The air is actually healthy to breathe and the sky is gorgeous! I hope you are also enjoying a beautiful day today wherever you are.

In my previous post, I discussed using microbes to clear the sky of chemtrails to give us results like that above. I wanted to give a few tips on what you can do to see quicker results and be more effective.

First, we have to realize that the microbes will more readily obey those who have realized a level of purity in their heart and are wholesome and good. So, in the beginning don’t be surprised if it takes some concerted effort to clear the skies and also that maybe, at first, the results are sporadic or not complete. Remember that every victory, no matter how small, is still a victory! Also, many of us have confidence and self-worth issues that we need to identify and resolve. Still, all of us, no matter what our issues might be, can make a difference!

Second, not every day is meant to be absolutely clear from horizon to horizon. Some days it is natural and necessary to cloud over and rain. What we are seeking with our chemtrail clearing efforts is to stand on the side of Nature and assist her (and ourselves) from irresponsible meddling.

Third, understand that clearing the skies of chemtrails is not a meditation. Rather, it is a focused technique whereby you ask and help direct the microbes to eat up and dispose of the chemtrails. So, while focusing on a recently-laid chemtrail we notice its intricacies and how it’s interacting with the sky above and then we direct the microbes where to attack first. So, we concentrate on the weakest areas of the chemtrail, (e.g., where it has already begun dispersing or separating) and direct the microbes to lodge in those areas and expand from there. Sometimes I visualize pulling various pieces of the chemtrail apart.

Fourth, pay attention to the information you receive. Yes, we are directing the microbes, but they’ll also report back to you. For example, a couple days ago in the morning I was working on clearing chemtrails from the sky and I got the internal message to relax and that the skies would be clear in a few hours. So, I relaxed and voila – a clear sky that afternoon.

Fifth, stay positive and always give thanks – no matter what. All of us are walking into an unknown area with attempting to clear chemtrails and getting our feet wet. But, with time, we’ll all start to remember our natural powers. This is just the beginning.

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  1. rose day says:

    Ann, another thousand thanks to you and Colleen for bringing Mark Further into the lives of all
    who access your site…what a beautiful and life-affirming approach to what appears to be an
    “out-of-human-hands” situation.

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