Remember: The war machine includes the media machine

Think of this post as an addendum to the last one.

Best to just stay away from TV.

BTW: I just finished reading an overwhelmingly inspiring biography by Todd Wilkinson, The Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save A Troubled Planet.

Ted Turner first became really famous as a media mogul with CNN. Too bad he got squeezed out of his own company when it was gobbled up by another. Given the way he’s transformed into “one of the world’s pioneering “eco-capitalists” and peace-minded humanitarians in the 21st century,” I have a feeling that Turner would not only have swiveled “talking heads” in a new direction, but connected them — and even “rewilded” them — back into their bodies on this living Earth.

Thanks to meticulous researcher James Corbett for this, unfortunately and of course, still timely video made in January 2012, and to goldenageofgaia for the nudge.

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