Analyst: “There has been more diplomatic progress on Syria in the last week, than in the previous one hundred weeks.”

Let us remember that the vibrational field that We the People interweave — through our peace-full, prayer-full, meditations, cooperative relations, and direct actions — structures the range of possibilities that can be formalized by those who take the roles of visible players in this global drama.


This is our moment to seize; not theirs, ours.

One people, on one planet, finally.

Pray we leverage this moment into finally and forever.

Syria today: A momentum unseen, a moment to be seized

September 14, 2013

by Bill Neely: International Editor

US Secretary of State John Kerry (L) sits with UN Special Representative Lakhdar Brahimi (C) and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Photo: Reuters

There has been more diplomatic progress on Syria in the last week, than in the previous one hundred weeks.

It’s easy to lose sight of this in the frenzy to analyse whether President Obama is weaker and President Putin stronger today; to work out who has won and who has lost at the end of a dizzying week.

So let’s be clear. There is now a political momentum on Syria that we haven’t seen since the start of the war.

President Assad has broken a long silence, kept by his father too, and declared that his army possesses chemical weapons.

Syria has just applied to join the chemical weapons convention, a treaty it shunned for decades.

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomes US President Barack Obama to the G20 summit.Credit: Kay Nietfeld/DPA/Press Association Images

America has pulled back from the brink of attacking the country.

Voters in the West have made it clear they do not want to see Syria bombed by their governments.

The sight of America and Russia’s top diplomats, John Kerry and Sergei Lavrov, declaring that, in spite of the many issues that divide them, they are united in many common goals, is revealing.

There is the faint but real possibility that an agreement on chemical weapons could be a springboard to talks on peace in Geneva.

A Free Syrian Army fighter stands in a shooting position in Raqqa province. Credit: Reuters

I say faint because the two sides at war in Syria show little sign that they are prepared to cease firing, never mind to talk with their enemies.

Nevertheless, it’s a moment pregnant with possibility and fraught with danger.

A moment, amid the carnage and slaughter, to be seized.

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2 Responses to Analyst: “There has been more diplomatic progress on Syria in the last week, than in the previous one hundred weeks.”

  1. Not being reported in the mainstream: Nuclear Strikes! Homs Makes Four! Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel has used 4 atomic bombs in Syria to date. Perhaps more than anything, that’s what has triggered the elevated concerns of Russia, that and the total silence on the topic in the US mainstream media.

    I haven’t been posting the links before today; I wanted to see first, if any of on the absolutely globally-controlled mainstream media would rise to break loose their chains and start reporting this overwhelming filmed evidence. They haven’t.

    All total I’ve viewed a nighttime strike on an ammo dump (with tell-tail cloud-to-cloud lightening discharges in the radio active ionized atomic cloud), another strike on command and underground bunker, and a strike on a reactor center and missile defense site.

    This daytime raid with ground level burst in Homs is stunning. The atomic arsenals have been used on Syria strategically since the beginning of August 2013. This information and the filmed evidence can not be kept hidden much longer by mainstream media.

    Out of respect for two alternative media sources, Gordon Duff’s, “Veterans Today” blog and John Kettler’s, “John Kettler Investigates (JKI),” I’m posting the link to JKI last page the includes the last filmed Israeli daytime attack and atomic — low yield — explosion in Syria. You’ll find the other filmed raids posted there also… If I recall Ann has posted on this as well:

    I believe we would heal faster if we helped formulate an official amnesty policy that over rides even court proceedings. Something on the magnitude and magisterial level associated with “Presidential Pardon.”

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