Here’s my dream team for “The People’s Party” for President, 2016

Elizabeth Warren and Alan Grayson, Co-Presidents!

How’s that for dreaming big?

We know what Grayson has been up to re: the Syria debacle. Here’s what we know of the astrological configuration under which Grayson’s soul chose to be born on earth this time around. We do not know his birth time, so cannot do his whole chart, but: Sun in Pisces (he’s selfless, concerned with the welfare of all), Moon and Mars in Capricorn (he plans, strategizes, speaks clearly and forcefully), Mercury in Aries (outspoken and nervy), Venus in Aquarius opposite Uranus in Leo (an individualist who loves the people), Saturn in Sagittarius (truth is primary value), Jupiter and Neptune and North Node in Scorpio (both knows how political power works and expands his own “power base”).

We do have a birth chart for Elizabeth Warren. Source: Kannon McCafee.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 8.28.47 PM

The most obvious, salient feature to any astrologer of her birth chart is the exact conjunction (within one degree) of the illuminating Sun and brilliant, revolutionary Uranus — in Cancer, sign of home, family, and community. The U.S.A. is also a natal Sun in Cancer, along with Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus.

Screen Shot 2013-09-13 at 9.32.22 AM

In other words, I’d say that the soul of Elizabeth Warren chose to be born this time around under a configuration which set her on a path to to stir up the human family, especially the American family, as shown in this recent video of her at the AFL/CIO convention. “Our agenda is America’s agenda, and if we fight for it, we WIN.”

Elizabeth Warren is not easily sidetracked from whatever she gets a grip on (Moon in Taurus). Plus, she’s whip smart with facts and cutting speech (Mars/Mercury in Gemini), does her research and analysis (Saturn in Virgo), and has a pleasantly disarming, relational demeanor (Libra Ascendant, with Neptune right behind it), and a path that points, once again, to Cancer, with both Midheaven and Venus there: home, the American family, the human family.

Both Grayson and Warren are Uranian revolutionaries. The combination of Grayson’s Venus/Uranus in Cancer/Capricorn and Elizabeth Warren’s Venus/MC/Sun/Uranus in Cancer just begs to be plugged into the chart, and the conscious life, of the United States of America.

If, that is, we still have a “federal” government three years from now. If, that is, we haven’t incinerated ourselves with the unconscious use of Uranian energy, now so memorably enshrining itself in individualistic, give-me-freedom-or-give-me-death Aries, in terrific, unremitting tension (90°) to primal plutocratic Pluto (2012-2015).

And the “co-president” part? Oh, I know that’s wishful thinking, but it reflects what does need to happen, the re-balancing of the male/female energies upon this poor, beleagered, beautiful, and very-much-alive-and-willing-to-kick-humanity-off, if necessary, planet Earth.

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6 Responses to Here’s my dream team for “The People’s Party” for President, 2016

  1. The women are running the show right now because they can feel Gaia as she first reawakens………

  2. ksense says:

    Well, for those still stuck in the 2 party paradigm, it would make Democrats happy for sure. How about two from neither party? As long as we have a political machine not everyone will be satisfied, no matter what. It might be good for you (or I) but how do we determine that it’s good for another? I still stand by the ideal that no president is going to save anyone, charts or no.

  3. It would be nice if you would credit me with that rectification. I don’t know if you even recall where you got the chart, but its common courtesy to at least mention your source for the idea of the chart. I was the first astrologer to post a specific chart for Warren in November 2012 and even though it is a rectification the acknowledgement would be nice. Otherwise you are leaving people with the impression you did the work on this chart.

  4. I’m starting to doubt the 17 Libra chart enough to pursue the other possibilities. In taking a broader sweeping search, I have eliminated four signs for the Asc of her chart, Virgo, Taurus, Aries, Pisces. The 17 Libra chart, while it performs well, leaves doubt because of its Venusian emphasis – Asc sq Venus. This could be correct, since it meets all my strict standards for chart validation, but there is room for doubt. Therefore I am investigating the full 24-hour period.

    The difficulty with her birth data is that she was born in “Oklahoma City” which can mean a number of actual locations within that metro area. Oklahoma City itself includes 4 counties.

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