On the eve of the 12th anniversary of 9/11, I watch, and pray, in awe and wonder.

UnknownRe: the Syria imbroglio: this morning I’ve been trying to at least glance at all sorts of stuff from my usual sources, both MSM and alternative, and I must tell you that I feel stopped in my tracks.

Never, ever, have I felt so confused by what I guess must just be “the fog of war” — for this is a war, this clamor for attention, this, “Look see me, here’s my interpretation” of the rapidly unfolding and seemingly (?) contradictory positions, statements, processes, you name it, in this multi-player game of geopolitical chess that is leading, on this eve of the 12th anniversary of the Mother of all terrorist acts, the one that amped up Empire’s 12 year REIGN OF TERROR on humanity, to our famous puppet (?) President Obama’s much anticipated speech at 9:00 p.m. ET tonight.

What on Earth will he say? Where will he be by then? How can he catch and hold the various strands of this rapidly kaleidoscoping Syria scenario long enough to say anything meaningful? To chart a course for a humanly regenerative future? To change the game entirely and transform warmongering to peacemaking? A few years ago, I would not have been the first to see Obama as this kind of champion.

But now, now! Now I say with incredulity, who is Obama, really? Frankly, the question that keeps coming to me, given the over-the-top militaristic manner in which he’s been acting in this seemingly (?) climactic drama for final control over the whole world, is simply this: Has Obama been taken over by demons?

Or, as other conspiratorial types, notably David Icke for example, would say, was Obama always a demon, a reptilian, hand-picked puppet with the name of Obama to eerily parallel Osama, one painted as “the good guy” (until now?), the other “the bad guy” (oh?) in the never-ending dualistic dance played within 3D in which all of us are supposed to hop to, take sides, and kill each other.

But wait! Then there’s the “Obama is still a good guy” scenario, which I see here and there, but rarely. In this scenario, he’s just playing a brilliant, nerve-wracking, strategic game to get the American people to wake up and realize that we don’t want to go to war no mo. I don’t rule out this interpretation. At least not yet.

To help me in my peregrinations, I decided to set up a chart for 9 p.m., Washington, D.C. 8/10/13, to see what I could see. Here it is:

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 11.22.02 AM

And here are the features of this chart that strike me.

First and foremost, if Obama starts on time, and even if he does not, for 9 p.m. is the time that is embedded in our collective consciousness prior to the event, then the Ascendent (which moves one degree every four minutes) is in the very last degree of warlike Aries, opposing Venus in the very last degree of diplomatic Libra. How’s that for WOW? The final, 29th degree of all signs is considered karmic, where the lesson of that sign must be learned. In other words, the karmic interplay between war and peace, between conflict and harmony, between going your own way and working with others, will feature prominently in both Obama’s demeanor and in the images that we take away from this televised event.

And secondly, I notice a very interesting configuration that links up the ongoing (2012-2015) revolutionary Uranus/Pluto signature, which, for years now, is dancing with Neptune in Pisces, helping humanity to dissolve into either empathic Oneness or the final sheeple trance; and which from this summer through next July is further ignited by Jupiter in Cancer, sign of family, home and community, and, from December 2012 through October 2013, by Saturn, in secretive Scorpio, where it takes its time, plans very carefully, and moves powerfully behind the scenes.

These five planets, moving in concert, for these few days are being activated by Mars in Leo, at 8°, exactly square Saturn at 8° Scorpio.

What does this Mars transit configured with Saturn/Jupiter/Neptune/Uranus/Pluto portend? Here’s my prediction:

Someone with a courageous, open, Leonine heart is going to take charge. I don’t know who, but I have a sense that humanity has now, through its own heartfelt and deeply passionate and compassionate unified response to Empire’s decision to make war on Syria, proved that we no longer tolerate war. Furthermore, I predict that tonight will signify the moment that we, as a collective human species, begin to walk, as if in sacred procession, through a yet unknown portal opening inside the revolutionary/evolutionary cauldron that we gifted ourselves with in the Nuclear Age, and that is right now climaxing, to an utterly transformed future.

imagesAt least that’s the intention I set for this evening. Please join me. The more of us who intend to clearly see a way through the millennial muck of endless war, the more clearly, deeply, and responsibly the global transformation into peace and harmony will manifest.

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