Jim Willie: U.S. Ship of State, a derelict vessel, is sinking

My son Colin Cudmore, of the Garden Tower Project, told me and his brother Sean and family during Christmas vacation, 2007, that the shit was about to hit the fan financially. This was before we had invented the word “bankster,” and just prior to January 2008 when powerful, primal, underworld wrecking ball Pluto moved into staid, traditional, structural status quo Capricorn (where it will remain until 2023) and the shit did hit the fan. Has been hitting it ever since.

Colin had been following his nose, trying to understand how the financial system of the world worked. Not until my husband Jeff died, in January 2003, and I handed Colin Jeff’s computer, did he have any way to learn except the local library where he had been poring through MSM financial mags.

In order to get the computer running, he had to set up a solar array at his tiny beach cottage.

The internet became his school. For five years, Colin educated himself, becoming more and more horrified at the unnoticed, unmentioned criminal nature of the few who keep the many enslaved via deceptive practices with fiat money.

Driving up to Sean’s house that Christmas 2007, he wondered whether he should say anything. He didn’t want to spoil our vacation. Well, what little he did say, in a tight-lipped way, spoiled it anyway. I came home and started to rearrange everything in my life.

Colin told me yesterday morning that a good person to follow is Jim Willie. So here goes. I’m about to watch it. Thanks to shiftfrequency.com for the pointer.

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  1. rose day says:

    …sorry to hear about Christmas 2007 being spoiled but your son Colin was way ahead of the curve and those who even minimally heeded his warnings fared better than most.

    Unfortunately for those who manage the family finances, access to good information is sadly lacking in comparison even to the mid 2000s and much of today’s advice is based on older paradigms.

    Ann, I am beginning to believe that because the financial boondoggle world-wide has so veered into the realm of the incomprehensibly absurd, the ‘fix’ may quite possibly also be in the realm of the incomprehensible…an ersatz spin on ‘like treats like’.

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