Kaleidoscope Syria: 9/6/13

images-1Re: Syria. Okay, I’m back in the kaleidoscoping mind, after yesterday’s journey into the heart. Not that I know anything, but I do see some possibly encouraging signs. Mostly having to do with the U.S. people who are, according to Alex Jones, 99 to 1 against. (As in the 99% vs. the 1%? Wow!) And this, on the heels of a Reuters poll showing 91% against. Alan Grayson, says its 100 to 0 against.

Plus, and to me, best of all, Congress is being overwhelmed with calls from constituents.

Now, it may be that this is exactly what Obama wants anyhow. That this was his strategy all along, to reboot the American political process by creating a educational crisis that would completely explode and repolarize entrenched frozen politics and line up Tea Partiers with Progressives while shifting the lines of force among the military, the congress and the executive branches.

But while the American people have no security interest in Syria, they are growing increasingly weary of the United States entering into undeclared wars of choice. A recent NBC poll showed that 79 percent of Americans think that the President should be required to receive approval from Congress before taking military action in Syria. Senator and then-presidential candidate Barack Obama also made incredibly forceful arguments against the use of unilateral military force. With little hope for passing climate change legislation, gun control or immigration reform during his second term it is possible, even likely, that despite the prior actions of his administration, President Obama wants to make restoring legislative checks on military use part of his legacy.

By seeking Congressional approval, and forcefully making the case for intervention, President Obama is goading Congressional Republicans into giving him an excuse to keep American cruise missiles out of Syria and avoid provoking a skittish Iran. And in deferring to the legislature, President Obama will ensure that future presidents will be expected to consult Congress before embarking on unilateral military excursions, and suffer the political consequences for failing to do so.

True? If so, he’s sure playing it close to his own red line, with Putin today declaring he’ll assist Syria in case of an attack.

In any case, we all know it’s all about petrochemicals and all about money.



Money (Ellen Brown)


Meanwhile, this is a war that the Pentagon does not want, as even the Washington Post opined, yesterday:


Plus, Anonymous, which David Wilcock claims, has infiltrated the American Military, has put out two new messages, one to congress, the other to the miliary.

The other is an email,


Important message from Anonymous to the U.S. Military

that concludes with this statement:

You are in a position where you are likely going to have to choose between going against the wishes of the government or going against the wishes of the People.

Meanwhile, if you need your climactic news laced with a bit of humor, from The Onion. YEAH!

Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria


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