Re: Orange is the New Black

screen_shot_2013-09-05_at_10.25.46_am_1I’m watching this now, another Networks original series as complex, riveting and uncomfortable as “House of Cards.”

And this is what female minimum security looks and feels like to an upper middle-class white woman. Cannot imagine what it must be like to exist within a male maximum security institution, especially if he’s poor and black. No wonder the two-month hunger strike in the California prison system which, BTW, just ended.

FACT: It costs $10 thousand per year to keep one child in school, $30 thousand per year to keep one person in prison, and between $850 thousand and $1.4 million to keep one soldier in war, depending on who you ask.

These are Amerika’s priorities.

The Real Story from the Real Piper of Orange is the New Black





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