Obama’s “change of heart”: cynicism? weakness? or REAL.

Update: Forgot to mention: Please sign Congressman Alan Grayson’s petition (and note that the petition points out that stock for Raytheon, maker of Cruise missiles, rose 20% in the last two months . . .) As Grayson says: “Nobody wants this [war] except the military industrial complex.”



UnknownA cursory look this morning at various reactions to Obama’s “change of heart” shows me that at least official pundits don’t see it as anything except a “punt,” a “brilliant political move,” or that it “shows weakness,” or “passes the buck,” etc. etc. I won’t bother citing the sources for this kind of total cynicism that passes for know-it-all “wisdom.”

Also noticing that various clips from Wesley Clark’s video appear to be going viral. “The Plan,” to take down “seven [Mideast] countries in five years,” is now right out there, in the open. See for example, Alex Jones.

The more I think about the events of the past 48 hours, the more I feel that we may indeed have reached a tipping point in global transformation, a turn away from WAR and violence of any kind as a “solution” to problems; that the run-up to this proposed missile strike against Syria was the trigger that pulled out all the stops, creating what one pundit (can’t remember who) called a “colossal” global reaction against it.

And now that Obama has suddenly and unexpectedly thrown the ball into the court of the “bought and paid for” U.S. Congress, it seems to me that the next step is to knit our democracy back together again in a grassroots campaign to personally contact all our congressional members and senators to let them know just exactly how we feel about all this. That they need to remember just who put them in office. (And it wasn’t just “the corporations.” Hell, corporations are man made and can be deconstructed, too.)

The president called for a “debate,” says he welcomes it. YES! Let’s show that we mean what we say by presenting a united “front,” back, and center, a great tsunami of NO that crashes up against the Empire’s Ship of State idling off the coast of Syria, waiting to strike: five destroyers with 50 cruise missiles each already targeted, that’s 250 military? civilian? sites to “take out”! Can you believe?

Obama may have done a brilliant thing, not politically, but humanly, by creating the context for Americans to get back together again, right, left and center. Only 9% of us want this war. And even those 9% may wake up.

Two days ago, just about the time Obama was telling his aide that he had had a change of heart, I was in the kitchen making dinner and muttering to myself. Actually, in some kind of dream reality, muttering to Obama, talking with him about the stupidity of the way he was acting, the futility of going it alone, the need to step back and look again. The night before that, reader Rose had commented:

“Ann, I am going to put positive energy transmission to Barack Obama in overdrive.”

Yes, and I guess that was what I was doing too. All I know is that I kind of woke up in the middle of my muttering, noticed what I was doing, and marveled.

Last night, I wrote that “the better angels of his nature” had perhaps taken over. Now I ask: might it be that the better angels of OUR nature are actually nurturing, protecting, and encouraging a very human Barack Obama to wake up in the middle of his puppet presidency, to shake off the shackles of the corporate bankster military industrial complex, and show himself, as a real human being, with a heart that has, indeed, changed?

If so, let us not stop now. Hold him in your heart. Hold us all in our one bloody, battered, beating heart.

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  1. Law of One

    “Send them love, light, peace and joy, and bid them well.” ….. And they lose their negative polarity.

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