Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark: “Let’s make our voices heard BEFORE the U.S. Congressional war vote. All out! Saturday, September 7

And I’d say before that, call, write, email your senators and representatives. Avalanche them. Tsunami them. Overwhelm their offices with the clarity and urgency of our message. NO . . . MORE . . . WAR!!! War is obsolete, the refuge of cowards. War degrades all who get dragged in, all the innocents — and those who plan it, oversee it. A totally stupid, gross endeavor that destroys, not in order to create, but only to destroy some more.

Let’s get the war out of our minds, first, and then the rest will follow . . . Who have you not forgiven? Do so, NOW.

This evening, at 6 p.m., I join others of like mind at the County Courthouse. Not sure what we’ll decide here.

Update: Oops! It’s tomorrow, Monday, September 2nd, 6 p.m., at County Courthouse. Rumor says some surprise speakers will be with us.

P.S. google “demonstrations against war August 31st.” and feast your eyes, from around the world . . . We ARE one! A growing, swirling galaxy of beauty and grace and consciousness, calling one another, singing, dancing, playing, praying . . . YES! We are the burning man, burning the dross of ego to reveal the spirit . . .

Hands off Syria! Not another war! September 7 Demonstrations

September 1, 2013

by Stew Webb


From: Ramsey Clark former U.S. Attorney General

To: Stew Webb Federal Whistleblower

Let’s make our voices heard BEFORE the U.S. Congressional war vote. All out! Saturday, September 7

Join the call for united, regional and local actions.

In NYC come to Times Square –

42nd St & 7th Ave at 1pm.

Click HERE to ENDORSE, LIST a LOCAL ACTION, or Volunteer!

Last week there were demonstrations and rallies against another war in at least 48 U.S. cities.

On Monday, September 9, as Congress goes back into session, join Syrian American Forum and many others in front of the White House, then marching to the U.S. Congress.

Go to to find an action near you!

President Obama has called for a vote in Congress to authorize an attack on Syria. Congress is scheduled to return on Monday, Sept 9.

President Obama is using the same tactics as President Bush did before the Iraq War. When the UN Security Council would not support the U.S. war, Bush turned to the U.S. Congress for a war vote giving him “all necessary means”. Ten years later Iraq lay in ruins. A million Iraqis died, millions became refugees. More than 1.5 million US soldiers were deployed to Iraq. Today thousands of U.S. and NATO soldiers are disabled, traumatized and 1/3 will suffer from PTSD.

Just as in Iraq, Afghanistan and earlier in Vietnam this is again a U.S. war based on lies. Bombing Syria is NOT a ‘humanitarian intervention’. It is another war for Wall Street Profit! This time there is a risk of global confrontation or even world war.

This war will only serve the billionaires and militarists who profit from war and conquest. The workers and poor will pay, in Syria and here in the U.S.

Raytheon stocks and profits are soaring. Our cities are crumbling! We need funds for job programs, healthcare and education, NOT billions wasted on war and destruction. The cost of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan exceeds $4 trillion dollars.

The reaction of the overwhelming majority of people is, ”We don’t want this war!” But we have to join together to mobilize this majority and show the world we are ready to fight to stop this war.

Let’s join together with one powerful message: Hands Off Syria! Not Another War!

Issued by: International Action Center

Click HERE to ENDORSE, LIST a LOCAL ACTION, or Volunteer!

International Action Center c/o Solidarity Center 147 W. 24th St., FL 2 • New York, NY 10011
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