Saturday morning, in Syria’s long shadow, before walking with puppy Shadow . . .

On the final day of a month I call “The Guns of August,” a cursory look at today’s headlines in both alternative and MSM news shows me that both Joint Chairman Martin Dempsey’s remarks and the claim that rebels themselves were responsible for last week’s chemical attacks in Syria are getting a bit more play.

Will it matter?

Corbett Report and Alex Jones also weigh in. Haven’t watched either yet. Beginning to get not just a little bit pissed that I have allowed this latest, and perhaps worstest (and, yep, long planned) predatory move on the part of Empire to derail me from actually living my one, wild, beautiful life.

So, after our walk, Shadow and I will work in the garden.


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  1. Robert & Helen Berding says:

    Me and my wife are Dutch and live since 2003 on Saint Lucia. We lost faith in most of the human species and divorced from it. We are watching the sociopaths, psychopaths, the whole freak show from a distance and discuss it with normal social friends. Europeans do not like the big mouths of the overweight Americans, the cheating and steeling banksters, the wars, the Stasi like
    customs at the airports AND their wars. The US government will let the Dollar go down gradually
    to pay of their foreign debt. Tina Turner was very wise the renounce her US citizenship and lives
    now in the most democratic country of the world Switzerland.
    On St. Lucia they have permaculture and organic farming.
    Love and peace. Robert and Helen plus 4 doggies. We do not have to walk them because we have a large garden. 4 times a week we open the gate and they enjoy themselves in the bush.
    Sometimes we take them to the beach as they love swimming in the Caribbean.

    • Your life outside the U.S.sounds idyllic and ideal. Though I yearn for life in paradise outside the U.S. (Thailand especially appeals to me, a gentle, loving Buddhist culture and not expensive), but somehow I feel yoked to the struggle here. Permaculture is getting easier, more and more people know about it. I even met an IU student this evening who said she decided to move into the rental across the street from the GANG garden because of the garden! WOW. That’s a first. So grateful. The kids, more and more, are grokking the situation and acting accordingly.

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