Backstory, Syria: General Wesley Clark, in 2007 — 9/11 was a POLICY COUP.

I remember, back in the early ’90s, hearing about the “Project for a New American Century,” and, without knowing much about it, was instinctively horrified. Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz: that triangle also horrified me way back when, without knowing quite why.

At about the same time, my then new friend Carol Rosin, who used to be an executive at an aerospace company, told me about a meeting she attended where the talk was of the next Iraq War, ten years hence, when certain weapons would have been perfected. That meeting turned her into a (secret) whistleblower. At the time, I could barely comprehend, much less take in and believe, what Carol was saying. Not so, now.

Yesterday, I caught wind of a video of Wesley Clark, telling of his experience with all this, and the principals involved. It’s the backstory we all need to keep in mind as we determine how to stop the Empire’s Ship of State from ploughing into Syria as one of seven Mideast nations within five years that Rumsfeld, back in 2001, said that the American military would attack and destroy.

Today Jean Haines put this video up, as part of a longer story by SAS that talks about this multi-year, multi-nation destruction campaign as driven by, guess what? OIL. Unlike Iraq, I haven’t seen any mention of “oil” in either the MSM or the alternative media re: Syria.

This video is, or should be, a classic. Please repost elsewhere.

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