Top headline huff post: “DOJ SURRENDERS ON LEGAL WEED”


Now, if the exceedingly small minority of folks still rooting for the stupid, exceedingly serious and dangerous, game-changing, up-and-coming so-called Syrian “conflict” (massacre) would just sit down together with all the rest of us who are filled with fury, futility and despair at the seemingly unstoppable prospect of this next domino sacrificed to Empire’s craven, grinding need to rule the whole world.

Yes. Sit in close circles, smoke a joint and pass it around. Talk. Laugh. Let go of the mind control of centuries that has kept us locked in separation, scarcity, and war. Dispell the illusion of the matrix and relax into oneness, our natural inheritance, what we share with all beings in the universe, all the plants and animals and insects and mountains and rivers. . . Even the hornet that stung me, twice, this morning, when I inadvertently stepped on their home. Even that hornet is a part of me. How could I not say I’m sorry? How could I not say thank you?

Ommigod! What if this news pushes Syria off the front page so far that they forget about the war they wanted. What if this is the one distraction that will work to spring Obama from the trap he set for himself?


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