Rallies worldwide, Saturday, August 31: NO WAR WITH SYRIA

Activists worldwide are planning simultaneous anti-war protests for this Saturday

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August 25, 2013

By JG Vibes


The following notice has been posted all over the internet, please help to pass the word along.

Here’s the plan of action to Oppose the illegal and unconstitutional war with Syria:

We are launching a global rally on Saturday August 31st in every city and town in the world.

Here’s how you get involved:

Go to the FB search bar and search for ‘No War With Syria Rally (your city)’ example: No War With Syria Rally San Diego

Join the event, invite ALL of your friends to join it as well, then get involved with the locals that are already in the event page to help them any way you can.

*If there is no event page made for your location yet, please make one.
Here’s how:

-Simply click on your event tab from your FB homepage

-Click create an event

-Name the event ‘No War With Syria Rally (your city)’ example: No War With Syria Rally San Diego

-make sure you set the privacy to public so other people can find it when they search for it

-Pick a central and relevant location and start time for your area(please make it on Saturday August 31st)

-Invite ALL of your friends and encourage everyone else to invite their friends as well and do whatever else you can to let people know about the rally

-Try to get some volunteers together to make banners to do some canvassing on friday the night before your rally. Contact the local overpass light brigade or set one up yourself. Make signs.

-Pass out flyers in the days leading up to your rally, if you can’t afford them, ask for some donations. Some local businesses may also be willing to help you out with printing

-Contact other activist groups in your area for help(occupy groups, anti-war groups, veterans for peace groups, code pink, civil liberty groups etc)

-contact local media and let them know about your rally. Focus on independent journalists in your area.

-Set up a hashtag for your march and use it on FB, Twitter, and Instagram

-The rest is up to your discretion to handle locally

The time to change the world and stop the war is now. Share this information with anyone and everyone you know, thousands of innocent lives depend on it

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8 Responses to Rallies worldwide, Saturday, August 31: NO WAR WITH SYRIA

  1. A sad turn of events for Syria and America. We don’t need war. I am a pacifist but they are poisoning their people.

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    No more war, No more killing of Syrian people

  3. Dr. Rex says:

    YES!!! .. to this action!! Protest all you can … WAR needs to be avoided!!!
    Reblog: http://hrexach.wordpress.com/

  4. Dr. Rex says:

    Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Worldwide … protests!!! 8/31/13!!!
    NO WAR WITH SYRIA!!! No ….

  5. Steve McFarland says:

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