Astrologer Carl Boudreau’s metaphors illuminate September and beyond

Carl Boudreau is a true elder in the practice of astrology. I very much appreciate especially this video, where he dares to wax metaphorical, dissecting what he calls the Star Tetrahedron (the complex double grand sextile multi-planet formation that pulses in and out through next July, 2014) and comparing one of the “structures” he finds inside it to a “blender with a blade inside it.” BINGO! Only I’d use that metaphor for the Star Tetrahedron itself, especially the harmonizing grand triny aspects involving Saturn/Pluto/Neptune/Jupiter as the blender (container, cauldron), with the stress-producing grand cross aspects (Pluto/Uranus/Jupiter and more) as the blade, grinding our perceptions ever finer as we undergo the quickly shifting, in and out, dizzying kaleidoscopic pulverization of all our rigid, separative world-views.

Simply, we, as a species, are being deprogrammed into oneness.

For that, we can “thank our lucky stars!”

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