Occupy has diffracted in various forms to 1500 cities all over the world. Here’s Occupy Madison (Wisconsin).

In case we were assuming that Occupy has gone away and thus need an even greater boost out of cynicism . . . As usual, look to alternative, non-MSM sources to ferret out the good news, popping up everywhere! And see this, for another Wisconsin action.

Occupy Builds Homes For The Homeless

August 19, 2013


Occupy Madison, part of the global Occupy movement, is building tiny homes in the city of Madison, Wisconsin, for the homeless people who live there.

Indeed. Each home resembles a rather cute garden shed and contains a bed, a kitchen, a microwave, a refrigerator, a compost toilet and heating.

Each home costs about $4,000 to make. Funding for the materials is being provided by donations, whilst activists are giving their time and energy freely to build them. You can find out more about the intricacies of their building effortshere.

The Occupy movement now exists in various forms in over 1,500 participating cities all over the world. Occupy Madison says the movement is fundamentally about democracy. “We want people to be the deciders, not corporations,” Occupy Madison says.

The Occupy movement is driven by individuals of different backgrounds and political beliefs coming together to create real change. “We can no longer trust our elected officials to represent anyone other than their wealthiest donors,” Occupy Together says.

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